Behind „Alternative Veterinary Medicine Oberberg“ I stand – Carolin – with a lot of engagement and heart blood

I was born in Düsseldorf and spent the first four years of my life here. Then I moved to the city of my heart Cologne. At the age of ten years I discovered my joy of riding, until today I celebrate this hobby.
Ever since I was young I had a passion for animals – my interest for veterinarian medicine developed during my time as a young adult. This interest has never diminished ever since so additionally to my apprenticeship as a paralegal I decided to study the science of being a natural health practitioner at Roswitha Becker´s private school. I successfully graduated in 1993. In the following I realized my dream specializing in natural health care for animal in the first private school for natural health practitioners in Cologne – Brauweiler. I managed to graduate successfully in 1995.
In the very same year I could reach another milestone in opening my own mobile doctor´s office. This was a door-opener in order for me to gain vital knowledge from experienced colleagues, such as:
From 1993 – 1997 I was assisting Mr. Peter Cronau in his specialized doctor´s office for horses in Bochum, Germany;
From 1992 – 1998 I supported Mr. Simon Kaldenhoff in his office for smaller and bigger animals. Additionally I was accompanying him for outside patient visits;
Apart of that I gained experience in helping Mr. Gerd Lamberty, a certified blacksmith from Raeren/Belgium, for six years.
During this time I was able to gain valuable experience which I am still profiting from.
During the first ten years practicing my profession, the client base was to be found within the areas of Cologne and Düsseldorf. After moving to the Oberbergischer Kreis (close to Gummersbach), I have been able to establish myself serving satisfied and returning customers – also from abroad.
Always pursuing constant improvement, I concluded the following courses and specialities:
• 1997 Holistic treatment; Firma Pascoe
• 1999 “Infections”; Firma WALA
• 2000 MORA- and Lasertherapy
• 2009 creative intercourse with behavioral disorders
• 2011 Certified “Reiki”-therapist 1st degree
• 2013 Certified “Reiki”-therapist 2nd degree
My mobile office is designed to serve my patients needs in the best way possible. First of all it is very important, that they are treated in their familiar surroundings. This helps to create a relaxed atmosphere and minimizes stress. After having examined the patient’s symptoms thoroughly, aforementioned treatments, depending on the case, are put into practice. Amongst others I am practicing homeopathic- and phytotherapy, and also autohaemo- and nosodetherapy. In the majority of the cases I am applying the so called bioenergetic hairanalysis, as this method provides all the necessary information about the patient´s wellbeing. A Reiki treatment, which cannot only be applied to animals, but also to humans, is beneficial so as to recreate the overall mental and physical health.

As you might have recognized, I am offering a broad spectrum of treatments to cure my patients.

On top of that I can count on the support of a team of experts from different areas of competence. This team consists of the following member:
Master upholsterer Andreas Deischl,
Physiotherapist Monika Lorscheidt,
Horsebreaker Peggy Schönenstein,
Veterinarians Dr. Simon Kaldenhoff and Dr. Peter Cronau,
Osteopath for horses Sören Meyer,
Horse dentist Sascha Schmitz.
Thank you for reading my first blog entry and for contacting me (carolin.hempel@t-online.de). You will not regret it.
Enjoy reading my posts.
Best regards
Carolin Hempel

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